The most retarded and pointless techno song ever made that sticks in your head and takes over your life to the point where you commit suicide. Song is by Daft Punk. Lyrics contain "Around the World" repeatedly about 150 times.
Russell: Did you hear about Evan last night?
Chris: No, what happen?
Russell: He's been listening to around the world again.
Chris: Oh shit...
Russell: Yeah, he committed suicide last night. He couldn't take it.
Chris: Jesus christ, not again.
Russell: I know :(
by shmockey April 21, 2005
"Around the world" *does NOT* refer to the combination of oral, anal, and vaginal intercourse. That would have been a better fit for the term. However, odd as it may seem, "around the world" refers to oral-anal

It is most likely from the circling motion the tongue makes around the anus.
The hooker charged more because she was willing to do "around the world" and licked his anus.
by tgm1024 July 27, 2006
when having sex with every race at the same time
i was doing a black,asin,white,gril at the same time.
by mike February 18, 2005

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