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Having oral, vaginal and anal sex in the same session or evening. Often found as a selection on brothel 'menus'.
He knew she was the girl for him after she took him around the world.
by Narfy Jones July 31, 2003
Having sex with a woman in all three holes; however, the KEY to "Around the World" is finishing with the same hole you start at, therefore going "Around the World". For example: pussy-mouth-ass-pussy or ass-mouth-pussy-ass
I just took Maria around the world, and I started and finished with her mouth!
by Degenerate Dan May 06, 2007
Is a soccer trick, where you stall the ball on your foot, then you flick it up a couple inches while spinning your foot all the way around the ball once, and then catching it on your foot in a stall position or continuing to juggle the ball.
You cannot drop the ball in this process.

You must have quick feet.
1] Did you see my around the world trick, with the soccer ball?
by Acenom January 13, 2011
When you take a hit you dont exhale but you hold it til you get the bowl,pipe or bong. Then you exhale and take your secound hit....its like taking 2 hits in a row.May go on for as long as the pot burns.Also gets you more fucked up.
last night i did an around the world and got soo fucked up:)
by *E-rock* November 23, 2006
A trip to France, a trip to the Vatican, and a trip to Greece. Sometimes the position adds others onto it.
I'll give you $25 for an around the world with a stop at Barcelona.
by Xyzzy March 12, 2005
When you lick from the top of the ass crack, down the ass crack, between the legs, and to the top of the dick or pussy.
Last night Bobby traveled around the world with his boyfriend.
by Derrick Lloyd June 06, 2007
A type of party which commonly takes place in co-ops, dorms, fraternities, apartment complexes and other situations with a lot of people living together. Observed frequently at UT Austin (#1 PARTY SCHOOL) but known to occur elsewhere.

Each resident mixes up a big batch of a different kind of cocktail or shot, and the entire party moves together from room to room, stopping to have a round in each one. Often, people will decorate their stop according to a theme, or have games to play. A great way to really get to know your housemates and the source of the worst hangovers known to mankind (think mixing large quantities of every kind of cheap liquor and vast numbers of sugary mixers). Also known as "Liqu or Treat"
"Hey man, around the world party on Friday"
"BAD ASS. I'll clear Saturday, stock up on Chaser and bust out my dancin' shoes"
by Tuff Luff January 22, 2007
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