AN ice tea drink that is delecious. 1/2 ice and 1/2 lemonade it is a verry popular drink mostly produced by Arizona ice tea company. Known as Half and Half in some places.
I went to Mobile and got some "Arnold Palmer" befor school.
by Megias May 22, 2008
a mixture of iced tea and lemonade.
had Jesus walked the earth today, instead of two thousand years ago, his drink of choice would have been Arnold Palmer.
by dat n199a!! June 19, 2009
Originating from Chico CA. A Gravity bong made from a gallon bottle of Arizonas Tea Arnold Palmer.
(Caugh, Caugh) Dude! (Caugh Caugh Caugh)That Arnold Palmer almost made me throw up.
by mother fucking shit March 09, 2010
The sexual act of tea-bagging someone, and then proceeding to urinate in their mouths. Derives from the tea and lemonade combo of the popular drink.
Dude, that girl loves Arnold Palmer.
by arnoldpalmer111 February 22, 2010
1) Best 99cent drink you could buy: An iced tea drink that is 1/2 ice tea and 1/2 lemonade produced by Arizona ice tea company. Known as Half and Half in some erotic locations throughout the globe.

2) The act of looking at a girl, and not being able to decide if she's cute or not; At times she looks decent, but at other times she looks hideous.
1) Just went into the gas station and spent the best $1 of my life on an Arnold Palmer.

2) Bro A : So bro, I was looking at her and I really wanted to f*ck her, but then I looked again and I wanted to hit her.
Bro B: You got yourself an Arnold Palmer. hit it and quit it.
by NuRdRMsZ September 06, 2010
a joint rolled with marijuana and tobacco
"Duuuuude pass the Arnold Palmer bro"
"Suck my balls"
by Cainalbeads April 19, 2010
The sexual act of urinating and filling a person's gaping mouth as they are laying down while you proceed to dip your sagging sweaty scrotum into the urine puddling in their mouth.
After slipping her a mickey, I filled her unconscious mouth with piss and gave her an Arnold Palmer!
by gigalojoe August 02, 2011

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