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FIGD (Fart(ed) in your general direction). You say this right after you fart towards someone.

Pronunciation: Fidged
"Oh I just figded."

"Oh that figd was so loud."

(Someone farts towards a friend) "figd."
by fartmaster69 June 26, 2010
An itch located deep within the anal cavity. One runs the risk of their appendage smelling like fecal matter if (s)he so chooses to take it on.
Example 1

Don: Why are you walking so funny?
Craig: Dude, I got a pickaxe!

Example 2

Don: Dude, you picking a wedgie?
Craig: No I just have a major pickaxe!

Example 3

Craig: Dude, smell my finger!
Don: Why?
Craig: I just took care of a pickaxe!
by fartmaster69 October 26, 2011
A phrase said when something is sure to happen. A guarantee.
Example 1
Don: You going to the ice cream social tonight?
Craig: You bet your dick and balls I am!

Example 2
Craig: Are you trading that Carlton Fisk baseball card?
Don: You bet your dick and balls I am!
by fartmaster69 October 31, 2011
Fecal matter that is half diarrhea and half solid. Named after the famous Arnold Palmer drink.
Example 1

Steve: "Ah man I just took a huge dump."
Bill: "Yeah? How was it?"
Steve: "It was an Arnold Palmer."
Bill: "Oh, sick."

Example 2

"Just had an Arnold Palmer, it was a pain to wipe."
by fartmaster69 October 22, 2011

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