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A test of masturbatory endurance where the number of consecutive orgasms achieved in a single day (24 hours) corresponds to the number of times Lance Armstrong has won the Tour-de-France. Undoubtedly, the participant's arm(s) would become stronger through participation. Also known as 'The Armstrong'
"Is Adam coming out to the bar tonight?"
"Nah, he's dedicated tonight to Armstronging"
by Gadams February 19, 2009
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1.)The act of ridiculing somebody, or otherwise attacking their character all the while knowing that they are actually right and telling the truth, and you yourself are the liar and the cheat. ie. Publicly admonishing, engaging in the defamation of their character, slandering, or libel. May go so far as to bring forth legal action upon someone for actually having told the truth about you, and thus exposing you.
Yo, even though that bitch really was cheating on Joe, she went around "Armstronging" him by saying that he not only cheated on her, but beat her as well!
by Slojay January 18, 2013
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Following in Lance Armstrong's footsteps and using drugs to cheat in sport
"Did you see that girl in the Under 15's basketball? She was 6 foot 5 and had a beard!"
"Yeah man. She was obviously Armstrong-ing
by bilbobagginthebitches January 19, 2013
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An emotional phenomenon involving a cycle
eg. Don't go anywhere near her today man, she's Armstronging!
by astrotoy7 June 10, 2009
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The act of cycling after getting high, a particularly popular occurrence in Amsterdam.
"I was really Armstronging it back from that coffee shop last night"
by americaninnetherlands April 22, 2013
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