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all the kids who take AP (Advabced Placement) classes. they start off hard-working, intelligent, and determined. they end up smoking weed every day and copying all the hw off the 1 or two kids who actually did it, usually the overachieving orientals. If these are also starting to slack off, they collaborate...especially with the work of those who already did it last year. when the AP exams come, they tend not to sleep for about 2 weeks straight, strung out on sugar, caffene ,nicotine, and w/e else they can afford.
AP history class if funn..
-AP kids party hard!
-All these AP kids are wearing acorn t-shirts, they must be stoned (acorns=inside joke, dont ask...)
-this AP kid can out-smart and out-smoke any honours or regents kid!(XD ahh...the ever-lasting rivalry XD)
by Mr.WeaverCommunism November 16, 2007
1. High School students enrolled in more than one Advanced Placement course.

2. People that are on the Myspace Vanity Group of Aesthetic Perfection; Most of them have thousands of friends and have exquisitely edited pictures ; they're usually envied by most other unsuccessful myspace whores that are on second category groups like Aesthetic Apex or Innovative Quality.

1. Student1: "Can our DBQ be due like until friday? We ALL have an ap physics project to work on tonight. AND for ap calculus"
Teacher: " hmm, NO! stupid ap kids. I'm here to ruin your lives to make you regret being an ap kid!"

2. Andrea Apex - "agh, i haaaate kaity apvip!!! i'm so jealous of her! Her pictures are like FLAWLESS"
David die iq apex -" I KNOW! oh my gosssh! stupid ap kid D;"
by eppiee! February 17, 2009
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