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Generally used to describe the indescribable; something beyond our limited human comprehension.
Philosopher: After years of contemplating in my parents' basement, I have come to the conclusion God is arlen.

Emo girl: After the breakup, I felt arlen! I even slit the word onto my left wrist.

Dude: I suppose you're expecting a sex-related example to complement the definition. But I'm in an arlen mood so I won't give one!
by Esmat Outim October 07, 2008
a sweet sometimes awkward girl who loves her friends, hockey, and penguins. THUPER HAWT. usually green eyes. laughs like a little school girl about the guy she likes. acts like a puppy; very loyal, loveable and likes to go on long walks. eats WAAAAAAAY too much. spends too much time on msn. LOVES music. bad speller. there is nothing you can't like about an Arlen
"hey what are you up to?"
"oh you know, just watching hockey, eating, sitting in my penguin room, listening to music, talking on msn to my boyfriend *blushes* i'm going for a walk later, wanna come?"
"you're such an arlen"
by HulioGonzolez January 26, 2009
a red bumpy rash along the gooch, resulting in a severe burning and itching sensation. Caused most often by rugburn while being submissive to a dominatrix.
My Arlen must be starting to heal because it is pussing.
by Derian February 13, 2008
A girl with a very unique fetish for overweight, or obese people. See "chubby chaser".
"Mmmm, look at that tastey man over there in Jenny Craig!"
"You're SUCH and Arlen
by PatronJoJo April 19, 2009
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