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A absolutely gorgeous girl. The name Arissa comes from Iran. It is much like the name Parissa. An Arissa is gentle and kind. Not only is she super sweeet, but she's smart, and a total babe. They usually have beautiful eyes and a killer body. Arissa's are gorgeous, she is extremly hot and a total babe. Any guy would be lucky to have an Arissa. If you know an Arissa, get her soon before someone else does. If your late, some other guy would snag her.
Man, look at Arissa! Man I should've asked her to go out sooner!

Yeah I know dude, but shes taken!
by !!elli!!! May 29, 2009
Very Asian girls, Nice hair, short and lovable. Great Personality, but not the brightest crayon in the crayon box. They are very shy but once you get to know they are very loud and outgoing. THEY HAVE PERFECT TEETH!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are sneaky
"this girl is Arissa, did you see her"
by Jayyyb October 19, 2013
Arissa is a nice girl, but can be feisty at times. She's always proud and never gives up. Anyone would be lucky to be friends with an Arissa, although she can be crabby.
"Arissa is a great friend, but she can be a real pain!"
by StrikerAndFrankie May 21, 2015
A cosmetics company that sells the best make up. Lipstick, lip gloss, nail polish. everything. It can really make a girl shinen
Wow look at that girl!

yea I know, she uses Arissa!
by sam101501 May 29, 2009
Group for supporting revolution in the United States.

Check it out and educate yourself.
I am going to go buy that poster about political violence from Arissa!
by alisse March 29, 2004
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