the place where aliens live
area 51!? ALIENS!
by Luigi30 May 05, 2004
A 'club' in Swindon that hosts bands that play live and are usually pretty damned good. But beware of the townies.
Boris: Hey, you goin' to Area tonight?
Everyone else: Yeh! Hopefully the townie bitches that wanted to start on us last time won't be there.
by Katie April 04, 2005
noun 1. The shiznit place to be 2. Halfway down Fountain 3. Any home with a hybrid spiral/normal staircase
"Yo, was you at that fly party at Area 51? Bitch fell down the stairs and got fucked up."
by Ari O'Speedwagon April 04, 2003
any domicile containing opossae in cushions of abandoned furniture
by Barba de Chico July 03, 2003
Where mi nan lives. I always wondered y mi5 or wa turnud up in tha middle of tha nite n took her away. :s mi mum sed tha she had bird flu. n i belived her. im soo gullable. How come mi nan can lick her ear??
Y wuz mi nan taken 2 area 51. i need ansaz!!!!!! nooooooooooo naaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn! :(
#nan #come back nan #i didnt mean what i sed about ur wrinkles #honest #plz
by SpRoOf July 04, 2006
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