Football term. The area in the Redskins defensive secondary which is occupied by safeties Sean Taylor (#21) and Laron Landry (#30).
"Don't trespass on Area 51 or you will get JACKED UP!"
by Matt Harman September 28, 2007
a restricted zone somewhere in america
some people say that things like aliens or parts of ufos are kept in laboratories there
by "jet Black" April 14, 2004
The deepest secret between two friends that cannot be revealed to anyone. Information that is strictly confidential
Dude, I just found out that John's getting fired from his job today, but you cannot say a word - strictly Area 51.
by MagicElixir November 25, 2011
one of the top 10 creepiest places in the US (according to some dumb book which is mostly about UFO's)
guy 1:oh my god it's a UFO!
guy2:this must be one of the top 10 creepiest places in the US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by jagged June 26, 2005
Area 51. Where the moon landing was faked by the government
Random Guy: Hey lets, go to the moon.
Me: Its heavily guarded by military police, even if you get in theyll shoot you!
by eggmanpete April 15, 2005
Area code 510 Eastern Bay Area cities in Alameda County (except Dublin, Livermore, Pleasanton, and Sunol) and parts of Contra Costa County
we or extraordinary
different like albino
area 51 ohh-
rep it son
cuz that shit go
by essecun October 22, 2008
the place where aliens live
area 51!? ALIENS!
by Luigi30 May 05, 2004
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