Age Restricted Content. Just like NSFW (Not Safe For Work), content may be age restricted (ARC).
Admin: Please review your content before posting, be sure it doesn't contain NSFW material and/or ARC.
by asertym June 24, 2014
Asynchronous Romantic Connection. A text-based loving relationship, typically characterized by extreme distance, time zone or life circumstances keeping the partcipants apart.
It's been a drag since Carina was shipped overseas, but our ARC is strong -- so I'm hanging in!
by jayseeare February 03, 2015
A sustained luminous discharge of electricity across a gap in a circuit or between electrodes.
They saw each other across the bar and arced. The whole room lit up.
by ArcheeWaters February 03, 2010
Another Random Conspiracy, is used to describe someone who is misinformed with the truth etc
I dont want to hear another ARC
by Rasa June 05, 2007
A mispronunciation of the word 'ask' by people in the East End of London.
I want to arcs you somfink, mate.
by Bill of the Hill November 18, 2007
A 2D spaceship capture-the-flag game from
Let's play ARC man!
by refuze May 05, 2005
Asian Red Cheek Syndrome. See: ASIAN FLUSH
Occurs when a person, usually asian, lacks the enzyme to metabolize alcohol, resulting in red cheeks. "Man, look at the ARCS on that dude."
by super underwear September 27, 2010

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