Hey dude lets play ARC
by Show February 11, 2005
An acronym meaning "Anal Rape Chick". This is a name given to usually smallish middle class white girls who look like they have been, will be, or just plain want to get, anally raped.
Homie One: "Look at that white bitch dancing and shit."

Homie Two: "That short bitch?"

Homie One: "Yeah, her. For some reason I have an urge to anally rape that girl."

Homie Two: "She's a fucking ARC, that's why."
#anal #rape #chick #bitch #girl
by Conspiracy101 May 14, 2009
v. - to ejaculate

(O&A Show slang, ca. 2001)
I went to Grace Park and arced all over the hooker's face for some bezzle.
by KarlFaust February 23, 2005
A gay little 2D game that hasn't been updated in years. Only losers play this game. They spend hours on ARC trying to get better.

This game sucks. It's for nerdy white kids who have nothing else to do in life.
Nerd: Let's play ARC man!!! I'll kick your newb ass!
by Monkeydude May 23, 2005
A person of jewish ancestry
Luke Greenberg is an Arc
by The one and only May 20, 2003
Standing for Akatsuki Rinnegan Clan, is a clan based off of the Naruto anime series. This pwnsome clan is related to activities with the Naruto Arena online game.
Man, i just got the crap beat out of me my an ARC member.
#naruto #akatsuki #rinnegan #clan #manga
by cabber April 18, 2008
Belle's ghetto way of spelling "ark".
When my house flooded I prayed to Saint Yummy for an arc.
by Bellerina November 19, 2003
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