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Used to describe and extremely hot female, or an attractive gay male - can be used in casual conversation
"Man, did you see that girl? She's totally an Arbuckle."

Guy 1: Who is that beautiful girl right there?
Guy 2: Oh, it's that hot little Arbuckle.
#gorgeous #pretty #arbuckel #attractive #unattractive
by That Redneck Kid June 22, 2011
derived from the actor fatty arbuckle. Means to take a large crap.
"man i ate to much im about to go arbuckle."
by kickfaceboy April 23, 2003
to sit in the house all day and play your computer and get fat
"shit your turning into arbuckle"
by Anonymous July 23, 2003
P.C. code word for a grossly overweight female (named for silent film star Fatty Arbuckle).
vicfan: "Look at Griggs--he's shitfaced and hitting on an Arbuckle."
by vicfan March 23, 2004
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