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A Drop dead gorgeous girl who can be ugly at sometimes but really beautiful, Shes such a flirt, shes a cutie , she loves to text but mostly call! shes a cheerleader most of the time and a ninja the rest
Boy1: wow araya is really hot
Boy2: No shes not she beautiful
Araya: Thanks call me sometime
by Palyser456 June 15, 2011
n. An Araya is a long, loud high pitched falsetto scream which decends into a violent angry yell at the end of the diaphrametic breath. Derived from Slayer Vocalist Tom Araya, who pioneered this distinctive vocalisation on tracks such as "Angel of Death" and "Post Moretom" off Slayer's influential Reign in Blood album.
"Crowd around everyone Pete is going to do an Araya"
by Raunchy McSmutbag October 24, 2006
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