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Gender: Feminine

Usage: Spanish

Pronounced: ah-rah-SE-lee, ah-rah-THE-lee key
Means "altar of the sky" from Latin ara "altar" and celi "sky", or Heavenly homemaker..
Araceli is a complex crazy outgoing person..
by Beerchick April 14, 2008
Beautiful name meaning "alter of the sky". Otherwise, heaven.
A girl who is so beautiful and angelic it hurts. She is sweet and kind and considerate and cares about everyone around her. She isn't selfish, and even though she is priveledged, she always shares.
Often blonde, with intriguing eyes.
Sometimes she seems so perfect, that others turn incredibly jealous of her.
Also, tends to be a very well-loved but lonely person.
Araceli is perfect
by HaveAHeart August 05, 2010
One of the most beautiful, stunning, and breath-taking girls you'll ever meet. Undoubtably, they are always loving and caring. They can be extremely stubborn at times, but it'll always make you laugh because it's adorable. Her smile can light up a thousand rooms, and also never fail to make your day better. If you find an Araceli, don't ever let go.
"Hey man, are you dating Araceli?"

"Yeah, I'm the luckiest guy alive"
by (C)ameron October 31, 2012
A not very common name only givin to hot girls that are weird and just so happen to be "mexican". She is sweet at heart but will f*ck any b*tch up that talks bad bout her.
Aracelis is a sexy girl
by boogylover March 16, 2010
A hot ass puerto rican. shes sweet n sexy and crazee 2 (but not 2 crazy). she look good, she smell good, she ALL good. bitches like 2 talk shit bout her and guys sweat her. AND she aint even conceited aint that sexy?
Aracelis is hott

I'd do Aracelis

Aracelis is sweet n luvly n idk y ppl talk shit bout her
by I'm That kid u kno March 03, 2005
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