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The most sexy, gorgeous girl in the world. She may not know it, but everyone knows its true. She is incredibly nice, funny, and smart, and she may be friends with a lot of people. She loves animals, and loves football. Most guys are in love with her, not just for her beauty, but also for her spectacular personality. She always gives a good first impression, and is always on people's good side.
"Wow, she's beautiful!"
"Yeah, that's Apryl. She's super nice, and sexy too!"
by Goldie_lux101 March 25, 2013
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Parents were most likely hippies. While April was a common name chosen by Reagan era Republicans, the alternate spelling, Apryl most likely indicates Democratic party allegiance.

Commonly known across states lines as a person that, "brings the ruckus."

A cool, crisp glass of water on a warm summer day.
"Equititable is not a word." "Yes it is." "Oh yeah, then what does it mean." "It means equal distribution of wealth." "Man, you are such an Apryl."
by SleezyBee February 10, 2010
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1) Quite possibly the most common suburban name in the world.

2) A hot chick from the suburbs.
1) "Hey Todd, since we're done being yuppies, let's move to the suburbs and have kids with the names Apryl, Josh, and Ashley!"

2) I have a thing for Apryl, but she lives too far from me.
by 2,3-dimethylcyclopentenol October 03, 2007
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