3 definitions by T-Dubs

The funniest debate to read and talk about cause uber 1337 nerds get all worked up.
BOB: Did you hear about the Mac vs PC debate?


BOB: Good, cause its not worth the time to talk about it!
by T-Dubs April 02, 2007
Applejacks. When somebody is doing something stupid and or crazy.
"Hey, this isn't applejacks!"


If something is crazy you say,"Thats applejacks!"
by T-Dubs November 22, 2006
When you die usually in an online multiplayer game you respawn, but theres a fag that kills you as soon as you respawn and they'll wait there till somebody else respawns so they can kill them and get easy kills.
I was playing Halo 2 and got spwan raped.
by T-Dubs November 26, 2006

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