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The act of shoving an apple up the butt
I ran out of bananas so I apple frittered that bitch instead!
by bingbongpedo April 10, 2010
Delicious batter coated chunks or rings of apple, deep fried and served with honey or syrup. Comes from the blessed nation of China.

Also available as banana and pinapple fritters.
I'll have a Chicken Chow Mein and some Apple Fritters please
by Megann Babesss ;D March 05, 2009
1. A person who spends large amounts of time hacking or modifying equipment, especially older equipment, made by Apple Computer. 2. The website devoted to this group of peopler
Turning an old PowerBook into a computerized picture frame is the goal of many AppleFritters.
by G4from128k May 05, 2005
cockney rhyming slang for shitter (could mean arse or toilet)
that dirty faggot takes it up the apple fritter
excuse me mate, where's ya apple fritter?
by ben curry September 24, 2003
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