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Alpha Phi Omega: National Co-ed service fraternity. Largest largest collegiate fraternity in the US. Founded on the 3 cardinal principals of Leadership, Friendship, and Service. Unlike many other fraternities, APO's primary focus is to provide volunteer service within four areas: service to the community, service to the campus, service to the fraternity, and service to the nation as participating citizens.
I joined APO when I found out it was the largest dating service in the US.
by Lou_ag November 22, 2009
Stands for "annoying piece of shit"
you are a mother fucking apos, ye bastard!!
by Wutang 11 October 27, 2004
Authorized Personnel Only
Hey , APO beyond that door!
by Mike February 15, 2004
Amusement Purposes Only - When you are married or have a girlfriend, but you have a little side piece of ass "For Amusement Purposes Only'
She aint girlfriend material - good for APO and that's about it.
by zajebisty1 March 06, 2004
Anti-Pants Organization
"Dude, where are your pants?"
"Man, I'm in APO. We don't wear pants."
"Um... I don't think that's what that means..."
"Dude, I was just at the APO house and none of those bitches had pants on."
by TurkeyBaster February 29, 2012
Appearing OFFLINE in MSN or Yahoo messenger
Dont worry man , im just apo.
by fmgbrah September 16, 2009
Asian Pride Only
When an asian will only talk to another asians.
White guy's friend "Check out that girl. You should ask her out."

White guy "No way man, its not worth it. She is APO."
by Steven February 23, 2005

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