The end of the world. See also apoopalypse
When fire rained down from the sky, we feared that it was a sign of the apocalypse
by ram March 01, 2005
the end of the world.
Man, white American Christians sure do look forward to this event. They should really get a hobby.

Fuck off apocalypse lovers, what a cumstain on society you are.
#retarded #brainless #cumstain #fundamentalist #fascist
by elise honderich March 30, 2006
The shitiest Black Metal(if you would cal it that) band ever. Another one of Shadow0fDeath's projects.
Did Apocalypse use a turd to make their music?
by Zorlock April 20, 2005
1) Something that brings the end of the world, however you believe it will come.

2) For those in the Supernatural Fandom, it's the part that we all miss about the show
1) Human 1: Dude! The apocalypse was supposed to happen years ago and I'm alive!
Human 2: No shit Sherlock that end of the world crap is bull.

2) FANGIRL 1: Ya know, I really miss the apocalypse. Everything was so simple back when Sam and Dean and Cas were trying to stop the end of the world
FANGIRL 2: I know right, and we had Lucifer. He was pretty chill. But they kinda forgot Adam soo........
#supernatural #fangirl #fandom #lucifer #sam #dean
by Acklesforlife November 13, 2014
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