The term used to address a friend that is a combination of 'Bro' and 'Bitch'.
"Yo Brooch what you up to?"
by steve fernandez May 26, 2005
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A large white male in the downriver area. Turns wrenches for a living. Often misses work due to "made up" medical excuses. Excellent gamer. Often smokes the bong and eats taco bell. Lives like a vampire. Does not like to turn lights on in the house. Does not go outside during the day.
Yo Brooch what you up to?"
by Da Hue April 29, 2009
i made a girl version of a gooch
1.the peice of skin between the boobs.
man i was all in her brooch last night.
by jay June 19, 2004
a word that has spread quickly around the toledo/findlay area

verb: forcefully tapping ones genital area. ie" a sack tap or the female equivelent.

noun: the genital area.

sometimes abbreviated as "brew" or "brew brew"
"oh! he got just got brooched!"

"my brooch is on fire!"

"right in the brew brew"
by steve September 01, 2004

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