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A substance that numbs your ass.
1) After a long night of his cellmate viciously raping his ass, Henry wished that the jail commisary sold anusthesia. 2) After a long day sitting on the hard bench, Ron's ass felt as if it had been administered anusthesia.
by Dr. Buttocks July 31, 2009
When you're asshole is fucked so bad that you can't feel anything anymore.
1: Bitch gotta fine ass.
2: Nigga imma give her anusthesia!
by Who's your Ciggar Daddy? August 17, 2016
A pain reliever for hemmorrhoids.
What do you do if you think you have hemorrhoids? If I were you I'd go to the drugstore and get an anusthesia.
by Spinroyd July 16, 2014
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