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A kind, loyal girl, a fun loving indian with shaky eyes and moves her head uncontrollably. She has a low sense of humor and is very sensitive - she tends to take everything in the world seriously. All the Vietnamese love her. Has a unique way of dancing. Good friend and someone that i can tell my problems to
Girl 1: Stop being silly
GIrl 2: *Shakes eyes and moves head uncontrollably*
Girl 1: That is such an anuksha thing
by imtocoolforschool October 23, 2011
A very sensitive Indian girl that doesn't like jokes. Likes Vietnamese boys and things that end in 'Ustin'. When she gets angry/annoying she is unable to control her head and eye shaking. She is naive and usually can't keep secrets. She often eavesdrops and can't keep her mouth shut. She denies being angry and loves her family.
*girl 1 sits in corner crying*
Girl 2: She's chucking an Anuksha.
by ILUVPANCAKES October 23, 2011
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