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A kindhearted girl that loves a good gossip sesh. She is trustworthy if she is your friend but you aren't friends, beware: she can sometimes be a bitch. She's overall a lovely girl and she is dating a Korean named Choi Minho. She has a gorgeous smile and the personality to match. If you ever met an Angelica, go and introduce yourself because you have just made a friend you will keep for the rest of your life. She often be friends girls that have an uncontrollable habit of shaking their head and eyes.
Example 1:
Girl 1: Oh wow, she is really nice!
Girl 2: I bet her name is Angelica.

Example 2:
Girl 1: I made a new friend today, her name is Angelica.
Girl 2: Make sure you don't betray her, there is nothing Angelica's do better than revenge.
by ILUVPANCAKES October 24, 2011
A very sensitive Indian girl that doesn't like jokes. Likes Vietnamese boys and things that end in 'Ustin'. When she gets angry/annoying she is unable to control her head and eye shaking. She is naive and usually can't keep secrets. She often eavesdrops and can't keep her mouth shut. She denies being angry and loves her family.
*girl 1 sits in corner crying*
Girl 2: She's chucking an Anuksha.
by ILUVPANCAKES October 23, 2011

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