A person, who usually is an angsty, depressed goth/punk, who think s/he's cool because s/he wear shirts that say "You laugh at me because I'm different, I laugh at you because you're all the same" and other assorted wear from Hot Topic or Torrid even though that makes them a hypocrite as those shops are just as brand-name as Abercrombie, GAP, or Old Navy. The people behind Hot Topic and Torrid are exactly like the people behind GAP and Old Navy: they laugh all the way to the bank as you unthinking, impressionable teens buy their over-priced clothing, and you become a walking billboard for Corporate America when you don their shoddy clothes, just like the "prep" clique you hate so much.
I think I'm sooo unique because I'm wearing a shirt from a company that tells me who I am. I am a sell-out.
by Eric Melech September 14, 2004
Fucking queers who can't understand that preps and goths, punks, freaks, ect. are the same damn thing! If you have to classify yourself or anyone else then you're as much of a fucking loser as the people in the other group! It's clothes people... drop it. Other than that everyone's exactly the same (stuck up, snooby, while desiring any sort of acceptance) whether you like it or not! Anyways, these days there's no such thing as a real goth or punk because they've all turned into wussy faggots that live by this shit like it's a religion. If you even live by any stanards of these people then you're a faggot! You're all fucking hypocrites so face it and shut the hell up.
All those anti-prep people over there are just penis wrinkles. They're just as bad as the anti-anti-prep people right overt there. I hope they go to hell. Can't we all live in unity? And by that i mean -Can't everyone else just die except for me... and that hot chick over there?-
by Wes Taylor May 15, 2004
good god...ok heres my story: i wear black and dress the way i want and i listen to whatever music i want but i am not an anti-prep.i dont really like to make fun of other people and i have friends in both the popular crowd and the goth/punk crowd. I personally think this whole 'war" is completely pointless.unfortunately, most of the people here just cant get through the day without making fun of other people. so the final question i ask is: WHY CANT WE ALL GET ALONG???
by person who knows his shit October 13, 2003
An anti-prep is simply someone who avoids, hates, and stays away from preplike people..and dont participate in preplike activities...and dont worry about popularity.
I'm an anti-prep and I do not like preps!!
by Gea April 09, 2004
A prespn who dosent judge others by the way they dress but gets judge upon by others be cuz of the way they dress
a prep is someone who even if they no acts like they dont cuz of the way u dress
by coreysgrl October 24, 2003
someone who refuses to take on the burden of keeping a pretty complextion. Anti preps arent out to impress anyone in particalar, and dont feel the need to show off.
Jerry lived a very stress free life due to being Anti-prep
by Stress Blows September 04, 2003
A bunch of losers who were rejected by the "cool" people at a young age. Now, they sit up all night and play games like starcraft, listen to death metal, cut their rists, and wear black. They are pussy losers and shouldnt be taken serioulsy. No respectable adult wears that black shit. Id love seeing you try to get a real job wearing that stupid black shit at an interview.
go cut your wrists little depressed goth, the faster your type is taken off of the earth, the better.
by yankee May 06, 2005
A person who COULD BE a prep but just cant seem to get their foot that far up their butt. Also: Someone who despises evil stereotypical preps with every fiber in their being...except maybe the fiber in their pinkie toe.
Bob: Look, there's a bunch of Anti-Preps over there.
Bill: Yeah, I know. They're so cool.
by PineapplePrincess May 08, 2005
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