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Phoebe's (from "Friends") name after she legally changes it.
Princess Consuela Bananahammock is like the awesomest name EVER!
by PineapplePrincess May 08, 2005
Someone REALLY REALLY dense. Also see: idiot and imbecile
GOSH!! Andrew is such a freakin BONE-EGGIT!!!!!!!!
by PineapplePrincess May 08, 2005
Someone COMPLETELY plastic and FAKE. See: prep and Britany SpearsALthough they're completely plastic and fake, they're usually hot
Cheerleaders are sooooo babalastic
by PineapplePrincess May 09, 2005
A name to use when you're trying to annoy those pesky telemarketers or spam mailers.
Telemarketer: Hello, is this the Smith residence.
Ms. Smith: No, I'm sorry. You must have the wrong number. This is Squeegie Beckenhime.
by PineapplePrincess May 08, 2005
A phrase used when a skinny little white boy is trying to act all "ghetto" while also trying not to cuss. See what the hell and wtf
Teacher: You have detention tomorrow morning at 7:15 sharp.
*some kid: *gasp* WHAT THE GHETTO?!
by PineapplePrincess April 27, 2005
A person who COULD BE a prep but just cant seem to get their foot that far up their butt. Also: Someone who despises evil stereotypical preps with every fiber in their being...except maybe the fiber in their pinkie toe.
Bob: Look, there's a bunch of Anti-Preps over there.
Bill: Yeah, I know. They're so cool.
by PineapplePrincess May 08, 2005
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