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An anti-prep is simply someone who avoids, hates, and stays away from preplike people..and dont participate in preplike activities...and dont worry about popularity.
I'm an anti-prep and I do not like preps!!
by Gea April 09, 2004
Is when you are buzzin and feelin like you gonna tip over. And for the person who says you cant be drunk and high at the same time........you can...I'm sure the reason the people put that is cuz they've done it before!
Hey you look tipsy...wut you on?

You can be drunk and high at the same time!, but u wouldnt be tipsy!
by Gea April 08, 2004
A wrench
Hey son, grab that shenk and put it in my hand...thats a good boy.
by Gea January 19, 2004
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