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Anyone who doesn't think a conservative would spend more of my tax dollars than Ted Kennedy in a Liquor Barn.
I wasn't anti-bush until he turned out to be as much of a fiscal conservative as M.C. Hammer.
by JerkNuts February 13, 2005
181 58
Someone who does not like President George Bush and who does not agree with his agenda.
I am very anti-Bush.
by RJ August 08, 2004
263 118
Anti-bush means you are against the over growth of pubic hair in your nether region. A prefence for short or no pubic hair.
Because I am "anti-bush" I shave a minimum of 2 times per week to maintain my well kept genital garden.
by Naomi February 03, 2005
122 37
every other nation, its leaders, and citizens
Everybody hates the US...nah everybody just hates bushes bitch ass.
by Milkweed June 27, 2005
85 45
someone that doesnt like george bush because he is:
1)an asshole
2)doesnt agree with his policies
I am anti-bush
Examples of anti-bush slogans:
-Lick my Bush
-Bush and Hitler are the same the only dif. is the name.
-No blood for oil.
by k8ie February 01, 2005
92 58
I person who is angainst bush.
I can't stand Bush so I am anti-bush
by Jolene February 14, 2005
63 33
People who disagree to George W. Bush's decisions or just hate him for whatever reason.

Most people these days are anti-bush so i say that bitch must die!

i am clearly an anti-bush

Comrade 1: do you know anyone who ain't anti-bush or is a george bush lover?
Comrade 2: no. but my teacher sais we should respect some of his decisions
Comrade 1: Honestly. What the hell is your teacher smocking
by ashz0r January 09, 2006
60 44