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4 definitions by ashz0r

A chinnese thinking or wanting to be black or "gangster" due to a big influence of Hip Hop and ghetto based music.
similar to a wigger
Boy 1: where's hyun sun?
Boy 2: He's turned into a chigger and is 'chilling' at the video game store with his new 'homies'.
by ashz0r January 09, 2006
347 181
Short for "George W. Bush" American scum. The capitalist christian bitch. loved by some hated by more the anti bush

worst president ever!
Comrade 1: So are you anti-bush?
Comrade 2: Yes of course i hate George Bush but my teacher sais he respects his decisions
Comrade 1: what is your teacher smocking LOL
by ashz0r January 09, 2006
234 110
Australian and New Zealand term for french or tongue kissing. Used mainly by teenagers and pre-teens. Used also in a situation so that adults wont know what they are talking about when they refer to kissing as "Pashing".
Girl: "Pashed any hot guys recently?"
by ashz0r January 09, 2006
156 50
People who disagree to George W. Bush's decisions or just hate him for whatever reason.

Most people these days are anti-bush so i say that bitch must die!

i am clearly an anti-bush

Comrade 1: do you know anyone who ain't anti-bush or is a george bush lover?
Comrade 2: no. but my teacher sais we should respect some of his decisions
Comrade 1: Honestly. What the hell is your teacher smocking
by ashz0r January 09, 2006
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