1.) A horrible Goth Metal band from East Central Ohio. Lyrics are mostly unintelligible.
Azrael the Dark: Antracite should have won the Battle of the Bands. I think I am going to pray to the Dark Lord and drink Strychnine tonight.

Jim: Shut up, Bobby. You better get home before your parents find you out of the house.
by Manawski February 23, 2003
Top Definition
1) A group of dark prisoners sentenced to an eternal hell in their pit of horrible black sadness and despair, constantly tortured to the point in which all musical talent is drained. After said engagement, this group attempts to become a band.
Eww, Dad, is that Anthracite all over my shoe?

No, son, that's dog poop, but you were close.
by Synthetic February 23, 2003
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