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Magic fish from Japan. May or may not grant you wishes.
Metacod will kill you and your momma without even blinking. It is now time for the news at three.
by Synthetic April 11, 2004
1) A group of dark prisoners sentenced to an eternal hell in their pit of horrible black sadness and despair, constantly tortured to the point in which all musical talent is drained. After said engagement, this group attempts to become a band.
Eww, Dad, is that Anthracite all over my shoe?

No, son, that's dog poop, but you were close.
by Synthetic February 23, 2003
1. A immature ass or fucking idiot.

2. A person of little to no skill or integrity, specifically in moderation or dealings with women.

3. A city in Xenogears that fought against Solaris.
1. He's acting like Shevat tonight.

2. He mods like Shevat.

3. We should return to Shevat to level up.
by Synthetic April 10, 2004
1) Unbeatable in any physical contest.
2) Unbalanced in almost every fashion.
3) Unfair.
If you encounter a WORLD ATLAS when walking down the road, quickly confuse him by asking him what 3 + 4 is.
by Synthetic February 23, 2003
THE cutest, cuddliest, and whiniest little whiner on the face of the earth.
HAZBEAR fucking rules this joint, so you better get out of town unless you want to get raped in the eyesocket.
by Synthetic April 11, 2004

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