We are Anonymous.

We are legion.

We are one.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

We will crush anything that stands in our way.

But we will be hailed as saviours of the internet.

/b/rothers, MAN THE HARPOONS!
Expect us. Anonymous is waiting.
by A_n-o_n-y_m-o_u-s January 26, 2008
Anonymous is no one, and yet they are everyone.
We are anonymous, we will destroy corruption, we will dismantle lies. We do not forgive, we do not forget. Expect us.
by 4n0ny M0us3 January 28, 2008
(What Is The Plan sect) A specific part of Anon.

Not hackers on steroids, not asshole 14-year-olds, not virgin pedophiles. Not 4chan. Although we claim the same name and motto of the rest of Anonymous, our purpose is global revolution. We will succeed simply because we will not stop until we do.

Yes, many of us began on 4chan and other similar sites, but we are not the same anymore. We want change, and we will have it, no matter how long it takes.
"Your threats to arrest us are meaningless to us as you cannot arrest an idea."


Free Topiary
Free Bradley

"We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us."
by APAnon September 09, 2011
internet hacktivists that originated from the image board 4chan, now completely changed and reformed with new goals like bringing down the Church of Scientology, stopping government laws like ACTA, SOPA and PIPA from being passed and recently, their DarkNet project, which entails bringing down pedophiles and pedophillic content from the internet.

Anonymous are often percieved as being petty hackers that have nothing better to do than hack random websites, but they actually do have good intentions, like free speech and creativity for everyone on the internet. My advice is just get used to the fact that groups like anonymous exist and rather than bashing them and saying ignorant things like "ooh anonymous used to be final boss of the internet but their just a bunch of idiots!!!" get educated and understand anonymous' place on the internet and do not bother yourself with them. Pissing off anonymous is like Pissing on an electric fence. sounds like a funny thing to do but when it comes back and burns you, don't go crying to your mom. you have been warned. dont fuck around with anonymous.
internet tough guy: hurr durr anonymous are weeaboo faggots hurr durr
*anonymous finds IP adress and fucks their shit up*
internet tough guy: BAWWWWWWW
anonymous: u mad bro?
by DefinitionsGuy February 18, 2012
People who have nothing better to do in life and decide to ruin people's lives by using their super nerd brains to hack into your life and destroy it. It's a nasty cult, I'd say, and I wouldn't want to mess with these fucks cuz they really are internet jesus online with malignant intentions. Beware cuz these assholes will fuck your shit up, literally frying your computer and singe your life into nothing but a target for people to stalk you and ruin your life. It's like the Internet mafia almost, only there is a lot more verbal abuse and threats than actually deaths. They mainly target Myspace users and chatrooms.
Person 1: Yeah this Anonymous dude was threatening me last night and my computer went apeshit. He totally fried my computer, man...

Person 2: Shit, man. Sounds like you really need a big fat bowl of hash. Just think positive, man...

Person 1: Dude, I hope nothing goes wrong for my shit, man. If the damn hacker hacks my shit, I'm so fucking screwed...
by I_Like_MusiK76 February 27, 2009
A group of activists both in real life and internet universe. Supporting freedom of speech hacking people who think otherwise. Since more and more things are being controlled remotely (on internet), Anonymous makes it easier for you to receive all information your government tries to hide from you. Those who get their computer fried, should install an Antivirus Program. Being able to use and exploit computer technologies when needed for the sake of goodness doesn't make you a nerd. And for people who think they have lives - you don't know who are "Anonymous" in person and you are not the one to judge someone. If you don't know how to turn off your computer when someone is breaking into it, you don't have to call every hacker "Anonymous". Blaming a group of individuals for a crime someone else has made only makes you stereotypical. If a 14 years old managed to fry your computer that is your problem, but for that you should blame only yourself, for not hiding your passwords. You are brave to describe a group without meeting its members. Being unaware of what they really do makes you look like YOU are the the one not going outside and watching their protests. They don't protest for fun, people should read more to realize the truth. Maybe you are constant visitor of 4chan and porn since those are the only associations you know. Though it is not very surprising to me that you get your computer fried after going to porn, furfag websites.
Dedicated for those who are ignorant, posting definitions of what they don't even know. Ignorance. Anonymous are not ignorant.
by 2Anonymous7 May 20, 2011
Anonymous is a single being composed by many being with one thought. this is a random conception only made possible by the massive amount of people that the internet connects. Anonymous is not so much a person but an Idea.

Being that Anonymous (Anon for short) is the collective intelligence, opinions, and beliefs of the people all over the world Anon will have a tendency to fight for the rights of human kind. Anon will erase any one it deems fit to erase. As Anon's will is not that of one person but of those the world over Anon is in the eyes of most "right". while there is no "right" or "wrong" a large amount of people will believe Anon to be "right" as a large amount of people are part of this one being.

Anonymous is a remarkable being for the simple fact that Anon is one of the few examples of a spontaneous worldwide entity who is intelligent and functioning.
Anonymous does not forgive
Anonymous does not forget
we are legion
expect us
by Anonymous mk II August 11, 2009
A group of like-minded individuals who protest the corrupt workings of the organization that controls scientology, not the religion itself.
Fred: yo man i just joined scientology today, i gave a forced donation of $500'000 to get the rank of supreme overlord

fred: oh no im bankrupt
*five seconds after saying that* mysteriously got a morgage on his house, left everything to the church of scientology in his will and was found dead this morning.

We are anonymous
we are legion
we never forget
we never forgive
Expect us

by TheTruthOfAnonymous November 03, 2009

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