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scientology, derived from the latin meaning douche

he who is a member of a salvery scam *cough* religion written by a science fiction writer who claimed he could make a religion if we wanted to and that the best way to enslave people is to tell them that there free, this very same man suddenly became a prophet and created the tottally legit and believable religion bollocksology.
non scientologist: woah man look at all these stupid scientology douchebags hanging around

scientologist: just because ive cut myself off from my family morgaged my home, given every penny i have to the church and killed people for the mighty prophet tom cruise doesnt mean im a douche dammit!
by TheTruthOfAnonymous November 03, 2009
Another reason why the internet is full of fail.
Welcome to AOL have fun doing less than you could do on IE.
by TheTruthOfAnonymous November 03, 2009
A group of like-minded individuals who protest the corrupt workings of the organization that controls scientology, not the religion itself.
Fred: yo man i just joined scientology today, i gave a forced donation of $500'000 to get the rank of supreme overlord

fred: oh no im bankrupt
*five seconds after saying that* mysteriously got a morgage on his house, left everything to the church of scientology in his will and was found dead this morning.

We are anonymous
we are legion
we never forget
we never forgive
Expect us

by TheTruthOfAnonymous November 03, 2009

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