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Short for annorexic, good for insulting a skinny someone within earshot without them realising.
Oh my god, where's that girl's BODY?

She's an anno Clarice, she thinks looking like a pipecleaner is attractive.
by OHAI. February 03, 2009
paintball player's short hand for anodizing. A process in which an aluminum part is finished with a super-hard scratch resistant finish that can be had in a variety of colors and patterns.
An older autococker with splash anno. An Angel with a beautiful mirror polish orange anno.
by JackandBlood April 03, 2010
a. To take something loved by a large group of people and twist it until it is hated, resulting in death threats.
Gainax really annoed the new Neon Genesis Evangelion movie, I hear they changed one of the main characters names.
by Sohryu April 25, 2009
Literally, "Aye, I know"

Belfast slang that can be said with different tone or inflection to infer meaning.
"That's fucking expensive"
by Conor June 24, 2008
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