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Moaning Myrtle is a term used most commonly in South West England for a teenage girl who has multiple sexual partners. It originates from the Harry Potter series and is called so as a moaning myrtle moans during intercourse
"I wish that moaning myrtle would shut up it's half past 2 and she's still out on the street
by Sara is short November 07, 2005
The ghostly girl that likes Harry Potter in the second and fourth books. She haunts one of the girls bathrooms at Hogwarts. She helps Harry and Ron find the chamber of secrets, and also helps Harry open the egg.
Moaning Myrtle likes Harry Potter
by Testes101 April 13, 2009
A whorish girl in Harry Potter who repeatedly attempts to suck harry off. Characteristics include standard emo behaviour such as excessive crying and whining. Also displays various voyeurous acts.

Got her name guess XD
Moaning myrtle watched harry potters body float through the water like a gas infested turd.

by the dude with the momma XD July 21, 2008
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