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In this native a girl is supposed to be seven times more beautiful than normal fair girls bringing about the meaning "pretty girl" for this name. It also means "anointed one" or "holy one" in reference to the mother of Hanuman, the god of strength. Anjana is very charismatic and amazing, and captures the hearts of millions.
Wow, that girl is sure an Anjana.
by applecakes444 October 17, 2009
an incredible human being with great characteristics and charisma.
Man, she's truly an Anjana, just look how great she is!
by konadda October 18, 2009
a human being with lots of intelligence, charm and beauty
Guy: that girl is amazing.. i wish all girls were like her
Other Guy: i kno rite?? im pretty sure shes an anjana
by jennifar November 14, 2010
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