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Exceptionally intelligent and artistic, gorgeous inside and out. Makes her friends feel important and her family feel special. Known to be deeply capable and able to improvise. Especially good with animals, and loyal to the extreme.
"I am not feeling at all myself today. I shall call Anine."
by Prrrl February 05, 2010
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A nine is nine grams of cocaine. someone who was addicted would buy that much and do it all day, and not have any left by the next day (if they slept at all).
"i get a nine in the morning, by the night it's just plastic"
by Ben Killian April 30, 2007
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Using an obscure and inefficient method for doing things when a more widely accepted and generally perceived better tool or method is available. Not to be confused with "asinine".
"I just'd it" "Dude, that is pretty anine."
by Nick Danger February 09, 2005
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