Aniah is usualy a lover ,she loves long relationships,but gets bored with anything else that seems to go on forever. she is a calm,passionate person, she is very friendly and tries to be at peace with the world but dont fuck with her bc she will knock a bitch out try her and find out aniahs are usualy one of a kind when you meet one dont let her go it will be hard to replace her just know aniah is one bamf
Nigga its aniah u dumbass, Damn she got that booty
by samueljonhmann December 16, 2010
a bamf no lie she is the definition of real she tells it like it is and dhe has no problem getting in your face if she has a problem with you she is a great girl who will one day make a great wife once u've met an aniah dont let her go
isnt that jennifer?. no stupidass its aniah!
by samuel johnsonmnmn December 16, 2010

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