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A female is performing oral sex on a male. Just when he is about to "get there" she gets up and walks away, leaving him alone, aroused, with pants around his ankles. The male waddles after the female like a Angry Penguin.
Susie gave Ted the Angry Penguin treatment for Donkey Punching her last week.
by The Ocho 8 May 12, 2006
A good revenge for the angry pirate
While a woman is performing oral sex on her partner, she stops midway and walks away, leaving her partner with his pants around his ankles, waddling after her.
"Arr.. How do you like that you stupid angry penguin?"
by angrylawngnome October 13, 2006
When a man and a woman are having doggy-style intercourse either vaginally or anally. Before the male has an orgasm, he shoves ice into whichever hole his penis was in.
"John's wife is so cold, she didn't even feel him do an Angry Penguin!"
by Boomstyk August 08, 2009
A penguin, which is angry, upset, or not in a good mood.
Omfg, that penguin is one angry penguin.
by Iron Pizza February 02, 2007
An Angry Penguin is when you whip out your dick and splooge in both eye's of a girl and kick her in the knee's, she will come wobbling after you like a penguin angry for splooging in her eye's.

See also Angry Pirate
You gave your girl friend an Angry Penguin.
by Binary Nation September 12, 2004
a sex move involving a male and a female.
also; some duck tape alot of jam, not that kind of jam silly! semin:). well, first of all you have to wrap the duck tap around the womens arms. then cum all over there stomach and if their not black shit on all skin which is not covered by cum.
well, ask your mum? also i need to make 20 letters and 2 words like wtf? and i need to use angry penguin.
by bukada April 03, 2008

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