Angelo is a handsome guy that is very photogenic and down to earth.
That guy is like ANGELO
by *GUARDIANANGEL* February 21, 2010
The perfect example of a man. He is sweet, handsome, caring, kind, and loving person especially when it comes to thr person he loves. He may sometimes be hard to understand but makes up for it with his sexual prowess and persuasiveness.

1. The Messenger Of God
2. A Man's Pride
3. The Intercourse King
4. The Bringer Of Heaven
That guy's sooo hot.. He's such an Angelo
by otakublack February 03, 2010
To get ditched by someone with the dumbest excuse ever.
"yo, movies today?"
"sorry, my fish are hungry.."
"damn, i got angelo'd"
by Chad Skyler November 02, 2007
To obliterate a defender playing soccer with a series of insane jukes. Always resulting in the defender seriously injuring themselves and usually crying like a baby.
Oh shit son, he went Angelo all up in yo face!
by ABFSRA October 02, 2006
someone who articulates anything that comes to mind. it is often something not related to anything of importance and often has people asking what the fuck? he is also greek
Angelo: Who do you think created god?
by joeynap89 May 05, 2009
A studmuffin spammer on #StarGateWars chat in IRC
wow he is such an Angelos!
by Valarie Gallagher November 06, 2008
A name coming from the name Angel. Commonly nicknamed Gelo. Angelo will be used as a common name. Usually, a person named Angelo is nice, charming, disciplined, and will stand out.
Boy : Have you seen Angelo?

Girl : Yeah, we've just studied.

Boy : We need him for our tournament!

Angelo : Hey! I'm ready! It's just a little studying for our test.

Boy : That's right! We have a final tomorrow. Thanks for reminding me Angelo!
by Jenni Lovekins May 29, 2014

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