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rule #1 cant tell.
IPHONES SUCK. GET A DROID! (android brotherhood)
by bentolive November 18, 2011
rule 1: never talk or tell anyone about it
rule 2: the real abh warriors are those who found the app on thier own rule 3: THE IPHONE SUCKS AND YOU ARE A USELESS PIECE OF CRAP AND ARENT WORTHY OF ANYTHING IF YOU OWN ONE OR DEFEND ITS HONOR
rule 4:i am sparta or i am patrick.....pick only one and stick to it

this is an exclusive group only for people with an android and a certain android app (refer to rule 1)
you know you are worthy to be an abh member when you love breadsticks, know what "rubs forehead twice" and "purple, because aliens dont wear hats" mean
guy:*rubs forehead twice* abh member: purple...... guy: because aliens dont wear hats abh member: so you are also part of the android brotherhood.......
by abh2134 August 12, 2012
Some shit no one knows about. just go get an iphone
1. Yo you heard of android brotherhood?
2. nah probably of bunch of homos

1. yeah lets go on our great iphones
by The Wannabe Nevil August 21, 2011
The Android Brotherhood (ABH) is an urban myth.
There is absolutely no proof that such a society exists.
Iphones are great...
What is the the "Android Brotherhood"?
Probably a fraternity for robots.
by the repost Old Spice Guy July 27, 2011

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