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rule number 1
never tell anyone about ABH
by rawr im a lion July 25, 2011
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Anywhere but here
(At work) Wow, wish I was ABH right now
by Jimmy Rox March 09, 2015
Acronim for; Actual Bodily Harm, a step down from GBH or assualt.

Usually if an attack leaves victim with cuts, bruises, or maybe a broken bone such as a nose or finger.
I hit someone once, and broke his nose. I was charged with ABH and got a police record
by dilated_junkie February 18, 2005
Abh stands for Australian Brother Hood it was formed in Redcliffe and Deception Bay. Bunch of teenagers who go around bashing people and tagging. If you mess with one of them you mess with all 300 of them and they are all p platers.
Abh is looking for you!
by Johnn24489r3w4 August 06, 2011

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