Lestrade's sniffer dog; a man who loves dinosaurs, gets his floors scrubbed by Sally Donovan, and possibly has the lowest IQ in all of London.
Does not know the difference between a psychopath and a sociopath.
Fucking Anderson.
by John Hamish Watson April 09, 2012
Top Definition
someone who has extordinary strength and is uber cool. Often confused with the hulk, hercules, or superman
If you work out long enough you will get as big as anderson
by will whiteside January 07, 2008
A popular slang-name in the UK for a Vodka & Red-Bull alcoholic drink.
Hey Bartender, give me 2 Anderson's and keep the change
by PUNX-UK May 01, 2011
a sexy beast. often horny. loves sexual fantasies! most likely a non-virgin before marriage. HAWT! Loyal and understanding. beautiful
guy: dude i heard heard she had sex!

guy2: no surprise shes an ANDERSON
by cocopuffs666 June 12, 2011
The type of guy that sleep walks in his sleep and eats crumbs off the floor. Also thinks he's hilarious but really he's just the type of guy that loves to smell his own farts.
*Group of people standing in an elevator*
*everyone smells something awful*
Girl: "What is that awful smell?"
Anderson: "I think it smells great. Just keep smelling it. You'll start to like it."
by Charles A. M January 08, 2015
1. When you sit in a Skype call for an extended period of time and pretend you are a rock and wait for someone to mention yourself before you reveal yourself.
Dave: Hey did you hear about that Connor kid ? I hear he is hella gay.

Connor: I hate you... Go die.
Mike: Connor how long have you been waiting here for us to say that?
Dave: I think he just pulled an Anderson
by Skaut February 13, 2014
Mockney rhyming slang for Diazepam (Valium)
Diazepam -> Pam Anderson -> Anderson
Scored some cheap andersons in India, now long train journeys are a breeze.
by DrunkGilesCoren February 04, 2012
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