Anderson is without a doubt the greatest house at Bayfield High School. No other house compares.
Wow they are really good at that. "They must be in Anderson"
by JekPorkins April 19, 2011
Jon Anderson is one of the rock worlds finest and longest surviving singer songwriters. He is best known for being the frontman of the hugely successful progressive rock band "Yes" but has also produced a very varied collection of solo and collaborative works. His vocals are some of the purest and distinctive in music history and he sings in an Alto pitch which makes his sound either loved or hated depending on your personal taste. Regardless of your personal musical preferences however, Jon Anderson is generally regarded extremely highly by most music critics and people who appreciate good music from all genres. Now 63 he is presently contemplating one final album and tour with Yes to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their formation.

"Jon Anderson is the finest rock singer of all time."
by Colin Gibbs September 13, 2007
a term derived from the realtionship between writer wes anderson and his friend, writer/actor, owen wilson. (hence anderson.) it is now used to describe a person who relies on another in order to succeed. mooch, white man, wes anderson
scottie pippen was a total anderson... and he lookes like a rhesus monkey.
by euphoria July 31, 2005
A stinky whore who likes fat men and chodes it has a penis the size of a baby's pinky finger and sucks at Call Of Duty he camps in corners and has some fat ass stick there dick in its mouth it also likes to get done up the butt and screams "Give it to me dady!!!!"And it really likes cock and alcohol.
"Hey dude I want my dick sucked." "Oh theirs an Anderson over there but I think he's busy."
by UnKnOwN StInKy WhOrE November 26, 2011
1. a popular sirname in the United States

2. a poor city in South Carolina

3. a decaying Rust Belt city in Indiana, 37 miles NE of Indianapolis
Anderson of anything sucks
by krock1dk January 08, 2008
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