opposition to government, a place where individual people govern theirselves. people claim that with no government poeple would riot the streets, but since it has never happened, nobody can tell for sure. anarchy is simply a government without a government.
most people claim anarchy won't work being there is no order
by Smokey_D_ June 14, 2007
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A state of lawlessness, chaos, direct opposite of order. Pop culture symbol: Circle with an A inside with the middle line protruding outside the circle.

ALSO: Anarchist - Teenaged/College aged punk who thinks they can handle anarchy when in reality the first time the rules are broken against them they run crying back to authority.
I'm such an anarchist! I switched two peoples orders around at the restaurant where I work! lets go to hot topic and write pathetic psuedo-suicidal poetry to be so invidually cool!
by Xyan July 23, 2003
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Anarchy; True freedom; Anarchy is the loss of structred society, the return of humanity to the natural and free animal kingdom, rejecting all concept of social ideas or morals, and thus giving ones self the ability (and freedom) to look at reality as it is with out society and form their own individual idea on what is right and what is wrong, never once giving any concent to "the man" (society). In all truth anarchy is total, 100% chaos, completely unstructured, and looked down upon by "the big man" (the corperations which rule the people) who would thus loose the omney they have not worked so hard to steal from other people in exchange for some stupid service, which that person could do if they were not so fucking lazy because society made them that way. Anarchy would not last because of human nature to bond with others who think alike and kill everyone else inorder to place themselves above the norm of humanity. But through anarchy, people could at least learn more about life rather then sit at a computer all day playing some even more fucked up version of World of Fuckcraft. People who believe in Anarchy are labled by "the man" as anarchist, most these days are posers, but then so is everyone else. Anarchy is true freedom, not poser freedom like america, or holland (they can smoke weed legally....(thats for the poser pot-heads)). A true anarchist is one at nature, a lone wolf is a true anarchist, the sex-pistols, fucking posers. dont be fooled.
<History Teacher> "Freedom is not free", you! explain!
<Anarchist(most likly a poser whos heard me ramble on about it but bare with me)> Freedom is not free because in order to achieve real freedom a person has to give up all sense of society and revert back to the natural state of being and from there figure out what is right or wrong from their own outlook on reality.
<History Teacher> What are you trying to say?
<Anarchist(poser....)> the only real freedom is anarchy. Like the sex pistols said. (see, i told you.... poser....)

by HippyPunxA March 20, 2007
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The idea that the perfect society would be a society without government. Contrary to popular belief it is not synonymous with chaos.
Despite many anarchists pleas to "give it a chance" what they fail to realize is that we already have, long before civilization as we know it was created we lived in could be best described as a state of anarchy. As we can see no, however, we have clearly developed away from such a society, as is natural. The only way to prevent such a natural shift to occur would be to create rules, which would not be anarchy.
Punk: Anarchy!!!!
Anarchist: Shut up.

Anarchist: Anarchy! It's natural and free!
Reasonable Person: Shut up.
by Postscript624 January 21, 2009
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Idealist politcal concept with not a hope in hell of ever working.
So, now we're all equal we'd better start... oh shit, we can't make any decisions because our philiosophy is fundamentally flawed!
by Oz July 14, 2003
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Anarchy is a theoretical form of self-government which is practically unattainable. Historically Anarchy only exists between the shifts between other known forms of government, and it is in fact no government. There are two types of Anarchists: punk rockers, and romantic political philosophers.

The main argument of anarchistic thought is that any appointed, hereditary, or aristocratic government is coersive in nature, and coersion is intrinsically evil. Therefore, all government is inherently evil. The only solution to eliminate coersion in society is to live in the state of anarchy.
The main flaw of this argument is that in order to completely eliminate coersion even in a system of direct democracy there cannot be majority rule, that is the whole society has to unanimously agree on all issues. This is not a practical solution, but a theoretical state of perfect unanimity which is an extreme condition only possible in theory, an utopia.
A state under Anarchy is either a state ruled completely and unanimously by all the people for the people, or a state in civil war.
by unholyfart May 24, 2009
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n.-Like communism and democracy, in theory, a great form of government, based on the idea that Big Brother doesn't screw you over. In reality, once again like communism and democracy, it doesn't work, although no modern nation has ever tried it. And what world leader would give up all their power?
Anarchy probably would be better than what we have in the US right now, but we would barley be any better off.
by Shadovsky September 05, 2004
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