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A way of representing information that uses a continuous range of values. Opposite of digital-- while a CD is digital, a tape is analog; while a computer is digital, an abacus is analog.
by LarstaiT November 06, 2003
93 25
What people who use Electronic Cigarettes call a regular tobacco cigarette.
I could never go back to an analog, I love my e-cig too much.
by PuterGeek November 23, 2010
23 7
Analog is a combo of both Anal and Log. It is a small diary kept by chicks who have anal sex. It keeps record of who or what was put in their ass and how it rated.
"Shara wrote another entry (pun intended) into her Analog."
by MexicanJuan August 13, 2007
65 50
An emotional, empathetic person. Opposite of a digital, logical person.
She's analog, she's gonna be hit hard by the breakup.
by Steve Novotni November 24, 2003
46 38
Term used to describe something or someone that is outdated, antiquated, or just old school in a lame way. Opposite of digital, as in cool and upbeat
Man, I hate how the school still uses IE 4 on their computers. It's too damn analog
by pckl300 February 21, 2008
39 34
Analog is the result of taking too many Imodiums in one day.
After waking up Saturday morning with the chunky sputters, Cody took (5) Imodiums allowing his body to form an analog in time for his afternoon date with Kat.
by Larry the W-A-P! March 16, 2009
6 11
A meaningless word thought to have a meaning.
Many words in non-fictional books are meaningless, those words could in some cases be called "analog".
by Likes It August 22, 2010
0 25