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A beautiful girl who will always get her way, very devious and can always deal out karma twice fold. Noted for he strong will and stubbornness, Anali can be your best friend or a worst enemy.
wow she totally gave that one an Anali
by Angelbaby84 February 04, 2010
a beautiful talented person. usually female a great sense of humor and a good friend
person: i met this girl she so nice. her name is...

me: Analis?

person: how did you know?
by the person who knows analis September 28, 2011
A small and petite girl who states her in whatever situation. She is a big talker and loves to be nosey. You could actually compare her to a fly. She flies all around being annoying and she is so fast you cant even make her shut up.
That girl is such an analis, she listens to every conversation i have.
by Feli G January 27, 2016
verb. a beautiful anus

nous. an anus that undergoes metamorphasis
Man, that analis is a work of art. It should be framed and put on exhibit.
by Tommy Wang May 23, 2006
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