The rupturing of the colon caused by wayyyyy to much butt-fucking. It usually results from several extended, rough, savage anal encounters
God, my anal leakage is really acting up after my stay in the joint.
by ljas December 09, 2005
it is when your ass leaks fluids from cum to piss
hahaha you have a anal leakage
by insanesniperx August 03, 2005
fuck a girl raw in the ass causeing her to bleed then bust inside her squeeze her ass cheecks togethor which will cause all of it to flow out therfore producing the anal leakage.
she had some extreme anal leakage I busted in her 3 times
by Sosa69 February 02, 2008
When something in so absolutely amazing that there is no way to contain it.
anal leakage can just be used as a response to a question or just as a general comment. it can also be used in different ways and tenses.
Tim: i got your favourite booze.
Jimbo: thats just anal leakage.
beer makes my anus leak
my anus was leaking so hard lastnight
by Emmo God March 30, 2006

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