An sweet girl, who can be IMMENSELY violent. Understanding and hates compliments.
1: That girl seems sweet
2: Have you heard about her at school?! She got suspended for being violent
1: Whats her name then? Oh wait let me gu-
2: Ana.
by Chocolate&VanillaSwirl March 13, 2015
computer geek, computer hacker, libyan child with many teddy bears in his room.

He's sooo anas; meaning he is such a computer geek who loves teddy bears, who loves pickle juice, and sponges.
he's soo anas
by Anes June 10, 2014
to have animosity for someone or something.

Slang from the 90's used mainly in Tennessee and various parts of The South. Most known from being used by Playa Fly on the song "Ana 'Ho". Used in songs from The Kaze, Triple 6 Mafia, and other artists.
Playa's on the scene/I'm feeling mean/I'm on blow so/Nothing but Ana Ho
by KillerSim187 November 06, 2010
Arabic word that means "I" or "I am".
Ana majnoun.

Translating: I am crazy.
(Crazy, in the female form, is Majnouna.)
by JoNat315 November 29, 2009
The personification of anorexia. Typically used by pro-anorexics to encourage young men and women to starve themselves.
Ana has been my best friend for a while now.
by BestKindOfMess May 27, 2015
Ana stands for an eating disorder. It means ANorexiA, and it's commonly used for anorexic girls to speak in code with another anorexics grils.

They also use the term "ana" as if were a real person, a friend of theirs.
"I love ana, she make me lose so much weight".

"My best friends are ana& mia, they will make me become perfect"
by LuciaCharles March 05, 2013
A person being delusional of their own gender, whom tries to enforce their beliefs onto others and denies any contradictions or proof.

An Ana could be found in online communities or in real life alike.
Person 1: I need to buy some panties.
Person 2: But dude, you have a dick.
Person 1: . . . So?
Person 2: Never mind.
Person 3: Oh man, another Ana.
by RapDog August 25, 2014

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