The best person ever. The most talented, beautiful woman in the world. I love her. She is the lead singer of Evanescence.
Amy Lee has the most fucking amazing voice ever.
by Amyyourlover November 02, 2005
The amazingly talented lead singer of Evanescence, she has a truly beautiful voice, and plays the piano. She's a nice person, and refuses to use her sexuality to boost her audience/money, like most other stars.
Amy Lee is my idol!! :D
by Moonluvva June 17, 2010
A woman who is a member of the band Evanescence.
Amy Lee has the most powerful female voice on Earth and you can hear the full blast power in songs like 'Taking Over Me' or 'Tourniquet' and 'My Last Breath'
In other songs, you can hear the softer notes she reaches such as in 'My Immortal'.
Evanescence's most famous song is 'Bring Me To Life'. There is even a version with Linkin Park in the background.
She has been greatly praised for her dress sense and the way she tries to avoid sex appeal.
She's not amazingly pretty, but that's what makes her so original, natural and pure. Her voice is like an angel's.

To see just how beautiful her voice is, compare it to 'Unfaithful' by Rihanna.

Similar bands include: Lacuna Coil, Within Temptation, Nightwish, Epica, Elis, Xandria
'Everbody's Fool' is Evanescence's most amazing song
'Before The Dawn' is the song with the most emotion in it and can make you cry because Amy Lee's voice sounds magical here.

by piratescaribbean111 May 28, 2008
A beautiful talented goddess and lead voclaist for the band evanescence. Amy Lee started making music in 1995 with ex co founder ben moody a insane bastard who obviously abused her, and she and the band gained fame in 2003 for songs bring me to life and my immortal, but followed but in 2006 with the amazing album the open door giving pure uniquness from their first album fallen with songs like lithium and good enough. She has powerful vocals to match deep and true lyrics, plus is a amazing role model refusing to strip for the cameras and telling the world that we all need to love ourselves. also is stated my many fans to be calm sweet and down to earth. She and the rest of evanescence arae currently working on a third studio album slated for realease in summer of 010 hopefully.
I walked past a man on the street who said "AMY LEE sucks"

I then proceeded to push him into a giant blender and press blend saying who sucks now bitch
by fallenpug November 14, 2009
a. A person with a truly amazing voice.

b. A role model for young girls that suggests that being a dependent, whiny, self-obsessed, arrogant bitch who indulges in self-victimization (it helps to sell records, god damn it) makes a woman super-duper-hawt. In other words, a feminist's nightmare come true.
Most people know at least two or three Amy Lees.
If your Amy Lee next door is not fake-crying, reading Twilight, taking pictures of herself fake-crying and reading Twilight, photoshopping the mentioned pictures in a ridiculously shitty way or posting them on a social network, then she probably went to that club in order to be bored and look down on everyone who is dumb enough to have fun.

Jhonen Vasquez, creater of Invader Zim and Johnny The Homicidal Maniac, is also one of the first describers of the stereotypical Amy Lee (see "Anne Gwish").

If you think I am talking about goth girls in general, read the definition again, but with your brain on.
by zombie bacon December 11, 2011
Evanescence's lead vocal, who fired her bandmate John through a phone call. Too self-centered to be a good artist to follow! Her bandmates got to leave one by one (including co-founder, childhood friend Ben Moody) and now there she is, alone. Evanescence -> Amyescence! Tell me, Amy, are you happy now?
Amy Lee, Evanescence, Amy Lee, Evanescence
by Lee Nguyen May 06, 2007
The dumb twat front-women of the “metal” band, Evanescence. Once claimed that Evanescence was original because their music involves using classical vocals over a heavy metal sound. Apparently clueless as to the work of REAL metal bands, especially in Europe, who have been doing this for over 20 years. Her vocals are not classical. Often idolized by “Hot-Topic Goth” girl in their teens.
I am going to sing an Amy Lee song in the talent competition at my high school.
by QueenAlice54 January 18, 2008
The talented lead singer and songwriting who fronts the band Evanescence. Contrary to popular misconception, Amy Lee is NOT attractive.
Amy Lee is an earth pig, please stop feeding her delusion that she is attractive.
by starky August 12, 2007
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